International Escort Agency London High class escorts in London

ive not worked as a Escort since then when I stopped see my sugar daddy unfortunately I did a day or so in brothel in brothel I just got harassed if Asians can I see u at home can I not realky not for £50 and they live like in terraced houses near my brother sister they used harass me upset me cause all kinds of trouble but I’m rid of them.Escorting I’ve ne Er done from here escorting is usually rich men wouldn’t mind though now I’ve cleared all the shit out my life would mind working once a week seeing one man just for a few hrs u know exclusivity just 1 guy a week for 2/4 hrs .Yes Zahir still gets his mates to ring I can tell they’ve no money sound like drug dealers and common as muck.mum goes that when I seen all these Muslim women other day in road I said what nice cars she goes there husbands are drug dealers I said u are joking it’s usually black guys white guys who deal drugs .Muslim men have always been known for credit card fraud carousel fraud bank fraud payday loan fraud stealing robbing asian men do personally I don’t think they bad enough to drug deal according to Mubrez he was a caught drug dealer he did 4 years I think u might want to check it’s not one his lies

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