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guess how long ago that was we been not friends for 12 years but I can still hear his voice outside still see stalking no he is thick not right fancy follow to new address won’t get him anywhere Zahir how old he now he is 50 wife is sue is 40 he was ten years older than her yes as he couldn’t of gone with anybody mature as he is thick .She just said he beat her up beat up her daughter and threw her down the stairs .The wife she was 29 last year so she is 30 no he doesn’t choose attractiveness she has no makeup in he chooses immaturity she’s allowed to go to Asda otherwise she stays in he said I’m trying pay her to drive lessons but her a car so she can drive me everywhere I said really how sad 😔 he can’t drive he was battered in Accrington of a asian and the asian took his eye out it’s now a shell what he wears he goes to the eye hospital every two weeks she’ll get twatted also he is a misfit she won’t be able to answer phone look out of the window look from left to right she can’t do clishmans drive I wouldn’t drive no knobhead around like him why should he be able to be chauffeured once she gets on road he’ll attack her it’s the outside world a disgusting jealous man he is he’s sick sick in his vile ugly little one eyed head

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