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he was outside Christian calling me a nonce why because I told everybody my niece has started I’m proud what’s wrong with that I’d never let anybody near her if u went near her I’d kill u so I’m far from it Christian he hacked my iPhone other week .To try to stop me from making money and to see if he can find photos of me and lovers .Hes a X from years ago .He grassed me goofy my old mate to h.m.r.c his scouser h.m.r.c mates were following us around airport they came to raid our house she used to follow park outside our house in whitefield.He rang h.m.r.c told them I’d moved to Manchester to open a business when I sold my diamonds hr was asking over eBay how do u feel he’s watches over everything I do doesn’t care for me if I was homeless he’d laugh his head off I know him yes .Whats he like well he knew I never loved him can’t stand him ugly pig .His partner she stalks me also she parks up has the ugly bastard sin scream abuse at me from miles away she talks like we found a boozer .And they’ve had there scruffy extras write fake reviews fantastic model agency this that the boss Christine is amazing if a African init Christine is a manic depressant so is Christian all lies all they do is tell lies why he grass me up well u refused to talk to him wonder open door to him kept Slaming phone down on him I hate him then he’s outside screaming wasn’t me was her who grassed to h.m.r.c he must of told her that I was a better fuck than her init course or why would she be so jealous of me when was over so long ago so he’s to blame also he should learn keep his big ugly mouth fucking shut she’s ugly why I say that she’s ugly plus she looks so old Africans love her I’ve seen it sad what a sad world they’ve created for themselves

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