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Ghazanfar well when I said be quiet paki and he snap nigger he was  calling me over the job I’d done in past init uahould of heard him it was very strange plus then I knew he hadn’t been out with Escort did goofy say that yes did Christian yes .But Goofy Zahir Christian were all dirty punters anyway so why they saying that I’ll never know but hypocritical yes it’s like a nutter it a turex syndrome like when they smile but in other hand call u yes as when there ugly can’t pull when out so go to a place pay for it I suppose they can still think names after and resent pay for it yes I suppose they can this is why gal don’t date punter init .Mum told me Kate McMahon a crackhead and prostitutie but how do they fucking know no how they know well she’s supposed worked at Harrington’s unless there Jealous my mum is jealous of all prostitutes why she was very unsuccessful at it.But look at that Natalie people said they had get rid of her fuckoff it was her all along she knew I wouldn’t had worked there if I’d known was her why Well Natalie is a very strange person to have on the hooker scene as she tells loads lies .She is very devious and she used watch over me constantly what when people take a interest in me I find it worrying yes I certainly do she’s brazen but it’s that lying that texting that personal bit i

just couldn’t take to it it knocked my stomach eww no she sounds shaky nervous but coughing voice like she knows she’s done wrong and she goes is everything alright she knows it’s not sly devious cunt she is when u tell her if she goes ha like the mental cunt is buzzing of being naughty a real fuckoff g weirdo man no she shakes when I talk to her

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