High class escorts in Manchester


The no carb plan unfortunately I’m off it it cost so much when your waiting your websites to take off it’s like about £20 a week in food .Yes but if I make chicken rice peas I can make 7meals on a tenner stash my freezer up bread two boiled eggs toast in morning doesn’t cost very much with no carb plan u have keep cooking and buying cook buy cook and buy.No yesterday in that dirty fucking a.l.d.i foreign girl she just kept look at my boobs with her fake super dry coat on I don’t give a fuck man boris wants to get them out of the fucking country they’ve sent our country into a fucking mess dirty cunts they make no contributions anyway all they do is claim and work work claim grass and steal pound shops everywhere no fucking economy left for us get them all out send the dirty cunts home looking at my breasts I am allowed to exist u know I had a jumper on but there’s nothing worse than females jealous yes nothing worse she was very odd polish girls are fucking vulgar very unsexy boots dog if the fucking dogs

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