High class escorts in Manchester


i said your not my father my father a nigger init I said u was a violent pimp who battered her and all of us a dirty old pisshead that’s all u was I said don’t talk to me and I am sick of my motherco

inv on phone every day scream to do this and that last night Stephanie went to Manchester for ages look that’s wont do tres any good them mind go for nothing they actually fucking don’t new one is 20 k that one was 3 something I got discount she’s ruined seat and tyres now it’s parked up plonked if u feel that way I’m cancel insurance she can’t cancel it it’s me who cancels it .Mum goes u like the money the £50 a month for that car it would cost to buy 50 a month insurance £50 a month and 20 tax finance on that for 3 years would also be &80 a month over 3 years let her pay that whys the stepfather concerned about my fucking financed I scream at him u fucking white piece of shit I’m going fucking curse u into a heart attack i was livid well he was always racist her she had affairs she used go with this David Grady a right pervert and she carried on seeing him try get her own husband I. Jail so she could carry in shagging this lanky mess

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