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and there’s a smell in my clothes of them all the motherwas saying was well I’ll go to the end of earth so my grandchildren get Xmas gifts a whole day I had to spend there folks and a whole day yesterday he made pumpkin soup was fucking awful she just sat there snapping and she’s fell when they stopped talking they fell so the sister screams how much will a tyre be car is shit she said I said it’s way u drive it right not paying for no tyre I told u she ruin seat she won’t pay she’s bust tyre won’t pay money for crack init the mother I said is twifaced o said if it’s not jp if it’s not Steph I said very twifaced woman u are u play people of against each other but u have no money they bothe declared the stepfather and slut mother I said well that’s true actually what’s point in making any when they all took it my mother fat greedy ogre and her fat pig husband and she declared Saturday wasn’t goofy a gentleman she’ll probably thought goofy had money well she’s not pimping me to goofy I won’t see goofy again to give money to her heeven said himself there not your responsibility lettbdm go out get there own money he didn’t like them for her to say he’s a gentleman is goofy a gentlemen no plus he’s devious he likes to me naughty he likes to fart pretend it’s not him he eats spits on side plate burps a lot soaps around house plotting calling goofy he’s no gentlemen just a ordinary fella all his money was borrowed is he violent he can be but he can’t do sex he’s impotent with everybody plus he can’t kiss very skinny lips and he’s loud he gives a headache never shuts up he’s fucking vile man is he good looking body’s droopy clothes off got a firm bum a good jogger arms shapeless saggy tum  saggy pecs one side his face looks handsome when turns other way looks ugly a fucking weirdo I always say with men u met as clients I can never trust there’ll grassy all sorts yes as u don’t know him u met like that he’s a fucking fruit loop

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