High class escorts in Manchester

I remember when she younger my sister though and people in shop used complain about there kids play her meaning she goes to your house depressed I causes trouble then then goes leaving u high dry well she not that pretty now face all fat ginger ginger hair body is shapeless keeps walking strange like a young girl in her daughters trainers obviously if mubrez and zaff have removed u off there Facebook u not much to look at these days if u was they’d keep u on init no they removed all that fake tan all that bleach that’s gone orange all that crack u fucking fucked up agkins failure every Monday Na man she a ruin up my bloidclaaat car lads the scrubbers the family of scrubbers


Here init makes get drunk 😵 get it off my chest the men at the job some of them are vile but I can tell on phone Steph gets her friends to ring she gets jealous of anyone  with a few quid dirty slag the other day she was saying im

getting paid I’m not see olny ilky Khan I’m get paid I don’t think men pay women who have BO

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