High class escorts in London


The brothel’s Romanian “maid” Sarah — who oversees daily business — revealed
the £300 hourly fee and said: “When you are ready choose the ladies you
like, we have rooms, music, everything.

“You can have more than one, a big party, drink, a lot of fun. You can have a
good time with everybody.”

Our man picked petite, bespectacled Denesa, 23, who led him to a room with two

Denesa, who wore tight black shorts and a black lace top, offered a romp with
other girls and said: “Lesbian show is sexy. Three girls is £900 an hour.”

She also suggested champagne. Our man declined the group show and champers,
opting for beer.

After taking our £300 to the brothel’s boss, a Chinese millionaire called
Jeff Chan, Denesa came back, stripped and began to dance.

She suggested cocaine and said: “It’s good stuff — £100 a gram.”

Our investigator gave her £200 and she returned with two bags. Our man soon
made his excuses and left.

The second brothel in King’s Cross is in a more modest building but it also
offers £300-an-hour girls and cocaine. However, some clients prefer harder

A Portuguese girl told us: “I had a sheikh who stayed 24 hours and just smoked
crack from a bottle.”

Our reporter was taken into the lounge to meet 15 half-naked mainly East
European hookers on sofas, some sipping champagne.

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