High class escorts in London


The gal are in pure dough you heard lord of the manors there in cocaine also aw wicked bet the romanians are loving it from the orphanage they was raised in to &£800 a hr a sheik on crack rass that’s a new one

We’re told to sell as much cocaine as possible.

“Once the men have cocaine and lots of champagne they go on for ages and ask
for more girls.

“We’re asked to take drugs with them and make them happy. Clients order
cocaine, which is delivered to the room in bowls.

“They are mostly top businessmen, City bankers or in the legal profession.
I’ve even had an elderly Lord here.”

In a month-long probe, we saw scores of VIPs chauffeured by appointment to the
den in Soho’s Golden Square — doors away from the offices of Sony Pictures.

Drivers collect them as they leave elite nightspots — and get £150 for each
hour a punter spends with a girl.

Last week two of our investigators visited — one posing as a customer, the
other as his driver. A Chinese minder opened the door and, without a word,
motioned them to go to the second floor.

Waiting for our man were 11 girls sprawled over sofas an

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